About Us

What is the Matagouri Club?

The Matagouri Club is a rural health organisation for Dunedin-based students studying in health professional programmes. We aim to get students interested and involved in rural health in beautiful Aotearoa by putting on heaps of fun events, and inviting guest speakers to share their experiences of rural health.

We’re a group of like-minded students who are interested in what life has to offer outside of the big cities. We care about the rural side of life, and how we can help those throughout rural New Zealand.

The Club aims to increase awareness of rural health, with an emphasis on the need for rural health professionals. This is mainly achieved through events such as Rural Health Week and visits to High Schools throughout the South Island.

Getting among the Matagouri club events is a great way to get to know other students and professionals from different health faculties as well as the different year groups within your own.

Membership is (of course) free for all health students and joining DOES NOT mean signing yourself up for an eternity in the middle of nowhere, it’s just a chance to be part of a group who are passionate about promoting health education and care.